Rechargeable Batteries LED Light Bulb 9W Battery Backup LED Emergency Light



  • Type: LED bulb
  • Material: plastic
  • Connector: B22, E26, E27
  • Power: 7W 9W 12 W
  • Luminous flux: AC600Lm /DC300Lm
  • Charging time: 5-6H
  • Emergency time: 3-4H / 1800 mA
  • Color temperature: 3000K 6000K
  • Color rendering index: 80
  • Power: AC/DC
  • Voltage: 85-265V
  • Conversion time: 1S
  • Life: 50000H
  • Beam angle: 270°
  • The charging method: Mains lighting when charging, SAFER THAN BURNING CANDLES
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    1. Touch the light on the human body electrostatic control, grab the two sides of the screw of the lamp body with your fingers and press the bottom of the screw Thus, a positive and negative current loop is formed to light the bulb.

    2. Outdoors, you can use a switch with a hook to turn on the light bulb.

    3. It can also be used on the normal AC lamp head,

    4. The bulb has a built-in 18650 aluminum battery.

    Installation Instructions

    1 .Replace current household light bulb wiht theintello Light Bulb

    2.Allow to charge between 5hrs and 10hrs.

    3. Once fully charged, you are able to avoid load shedding uup to3 and 4hrs.

    4. During load shedding or power interruption, the light bulb will remain on if already switched on(1 sec delay).

    5. Switch the Intello Light Bulb on or off as desired during loadshedding

    6. This product is not water proof.

    7.To use as a Glass light, add 3mm of water in a glass. Placethe intello Light Bulb silver contact into the 3mm of water andenjoy the benefits of having light in a glass.

    Selling Points

    ● Porous the rmal design

    ● intergrated porous thermal design.

    ● comprehensive heat dissipation.

    ● Home emergency bulb

    ● Work like a normal bulb and

    ● Control by wall plug

    ● .Finger touch type and portable

    ● .Long life up to 50000 Hrs

    ● Save 90% energy

    ● High quality, High brightness

    ● .2 Years Warranty


    ①Normally normal use, power outage automatically bright

    ②Materials: Aluminum+plastic, good heat dissipating and safe

    ③Exquisite appearance: large Angle light, can replace the traditional incandescent lamp

    ④High quality light color: high brightness, high color rendering index, milky white lens, natural and soft light color

    ⑤Reliable energy saving: high efficiency, energy saving and long service life

    ⑥Health and environmental protection: no mercury pollution, no ultraviolet radiation, green environmental protection, health

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